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For aluminium construction systems

System components

Wide range of products for every modular system

You can build robust machine and interior frames, conveyor systems, (safety) structures and production installations with Bendur components in no time. Use our modular components and combine endlessly. Within the various system variants, all profiles, components and connections are coordinated. In order to assemble, it is rarely necessary to perform an operation first.

You will find everything you need in our range. Order everything easily and quickly via our web store. We deliver profiles in length and, if desired, edited.

Build in a modular and limitless way with aluminium. It is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. It is durable, strong and lightweight. That is why our profiles are used in various sectors, including:

  • intralogistics
  • mechanical engineering
  • warehouse equipment
  • body building
  • etc.

Solutions for every system builder

Whether it concerns the construction or expansion of a complete conveyor system or the construction of an assembly workplace, Bendur provides various profiles that seamlessly connect to various existing construction systems, such as:

  • ISB profile system (ITEM)
  • BSB profile system (Bosch Rexroth)

Custom-made components

Do you want us to cut your profiles to length? That's possible. Of course, various other treatments or finishes are also possible. Soon, you will be able to express your wishes directly via our renewed web store and we will carry it out for you. Do you have special wishes or need a customized application? Then inquire about our engineering service for additional customization.


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Voor snelle en kosten­besparende assemblage

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