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Bendur Engineering

Bendur Engineering stands for the delivery of precision in products and services, without compromising quality. We strive to deeply understand your wishes and objectives.

Our R & D effort is then directed on delivering technical innovations which ensure that your company maintains and reinforces its competitive advantage. Our flexibility guarantees added value for your clients.

With more than fifteen years of experience in conveyor and aluminium systems we have a depth of understanding of the industries fundamental issues. Bendur Engineering specialises in conveyor systems such as belt conveyors, chain conveyors, roller tracks and mattop systems. We develop construction systems such as machine coverings and work tops. Bendur BV assists you in the design and development of effective and practical systems. We look for the optimisation of your system or production process even in the preliminary phase. Bendur BV translates customer wishes into an effective technical reality.


Engineering at Bendur BV means:

Co-engineering based on customer demand. Developing new products and/or systems together with the client.

3D design. Using the 3D CAD design software made by SolidWorks we turn ideas into 3d models, exactly according to the specifications of our clients. This guarantees consistent product quality and simplifies the implementation of changes in repeat orders.

Cost-engineering. Assessing the feasibility of products, including the draft of a specified cost estimate. Any possible changes in the production method can be adapted and calculated. This consultation leads to the most cost effective solution.

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