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The Chiorino Group is a market leader in the production of conveyor and transmission belts.
The company was founded in 1906 in Biella, Italy. Chiorino specializes in the production of conveyor and transmission belts, remaining faithful to its core business values that have always guided every choice and every action of the industrial group.
Experience, result-oriented assistance and top quality production cycle are the cornerstones of a company which has achieved excellence over time in the sector of conveyor and transmission belts.

From the raw materials to the finished product.

Over time Chiorino has preserved an essential characteristic: complete cycle production.  

This means that every stage of production takes place entirely in-house, from the processing of raw materials to the finished and tailor-made product. 
The utmost attention to every single production phase has enabled Chiorino to develop customized solutions capable of perfectly meeting the diverse needs of its customers. 

The production systems entirely designed and built to Chiorino specifications, afford the company many different technologies to process any type of material. The complete production autonomy of the company is a guarantee for reliable and consistently high quality products. With its advanced spreading, calendering, laminating, extruding and blending lines, Chiorino produces:

• conveyor and process belts 
• flat transmission belts 
• timing belts 
• endless elastomer cots and aprons 
• roller coverings 
• polyurethane round belts 
• coated fabrics and polyurethane films 

All Chiorino Group companies work with equipment designed and constructed specifically for their purposes, thus ensuring the Customer the same top quality standards throughout the world.​

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