Bendur BV

Bendur BV. A new name - yet familiar. The company founder, Guido Hoeben has more than fifteen years of experience in conveyor and profile systems. He is an industry veteran, aware of all of its challenges and opportunities. For this reason, Guido established Bendur BV. The company name gives a nod to the Dutch province of North Brabant - "ik bendur" (Brabants for "Here I Am"): while in English, the term “to bend” can also be understood as flexibility. This therefore represents well the company’s key strengths, operating flexibly on an international level, while still deeply rooted in the Brabant region. Of course, this is not surprising: After all, Bendur BV is located in the Brainport Region, the knowledge centre of the Netherlands. An inspiring and innovative area from which Bendur BV takes full advantage.
The benefit of the new web store is obvious: With the Bendur Webstore clients no longer need to buy components from multiple channels, saving valuable time and money in the process.

Company profile

Bendur BV is your expert partner in conveyor and aluminium profile components. The Bendur Webstore provides all the necessary conveyor and industrial hardware items for the entire conveyor and profile industry. The Webstore is available to both business and private consumers.

For machine builders, end users and systems integrators, this means there is now a convenient, single location for purchasing the components needed to build and assemble a machine or system.
The Bendur Webstore offers a complete range in a well-organised format, this is further enhanced with fast delivery, with a reliable and safe means of payment.

Bendur BV Methods and Set up

The Bendur BV core business consists of:

  • metal and plastic industrial hardware and components
  • hardware for aluminium profiles, locks, bolts, hinges, gaskets, t-bolts, connectors, handles, electronic locks
  • hardware for conveyor systems, clamps, feet, clips, rails, wheels, rolls, cover caps

The Bendur Webstore is the result of our many years of experience and industry know-how. Buying components to build a machine or system through different channels is no longer necessary. Everything you need can be quickly found in our well organised Webstore. Payment is easy and above all safe, with the Webstore accepting payments via PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. Fast delivery is made available on a worldwide basis using our efficient logistic partners.


Bendur BV offers its clients a complete solution of products and services. It is our mission to ensure that the purchasing process is as convenient as possible, helping our clients to maximise their return on investment, with all options being realised.


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